Liposculpture in MexicoWhile a Liposuction and a Liposculpture are basically the same thing, the plastic surgeons commonly refer to the liposculpture as the process of removing unwanted fat from areas of the body and reinsert that grafted fat in desired areas, such as the buttocks or the hips, in order to create the 'guitar shape figure".

Saddle bags and 'love handles' are attended with liposuction. The harvested fat is placed on a special container, and later reinserted in the desired areas, such as buttocks or hips. The rounded butt fashion has made this procedure a popular one for people searching for liposculpture or liposuction in Mexico.

Liposculpture, as the regular liposuction, uses a cannula to extract the accumulated unwanted fat. the cannula us a ling and hollow surgical tuve that is inserted to your body through minimal incisions, below the skin. That cannula is connected to a suction machine and this machine will suction the unwanted fat from your body.

After the fat is removed, then can be later reinserted to certain areas of the body, the most common is the buttocks.

As any liposcution, what the doctor aims is to reduce the lumpiness.

We refer to 'LipoSculpture' to the cosmetic surgery procedure where unwanted body fat is transplanted from one area to another. The doctor makes a body contouring procedure by removing fat that bothers you and reinserting it in an area where you need it most. The plastic surgeon in Mexico, removes the fat but also place the previously harvested fat in other areas of the body, in order to sculpt it.

Liposculpture Surgery Details

– The surgery lasts about three hour- It is a short stay surgery, you will stay at the hospital for 12 to 24 hours.

– We use IV sedation and local or epidural anesthesia.

After surgery you need to avoid to place any pressure over the buttocks in one week.

The stitches of the small incisions will be removed after 7 days.

The final results can be fully appreciated after two months.

The scars are minimal, they are minimal incisions made for the lipo-injection.