Cheek Fat Removal

The cheek fat removal is a very simple cosmetic surgery that eliminates the fat pads on your cheeks and along the sides of your face that give it the rounded appearance may be reduced with the removal of these pads (bi-chat surgery or cheek surgery), through hidden incisions inside the mouth.

if it does not matter how many excercise or diet you make and you can still see your face with a rounded look, then you might be a good candidate for the Bi-chat, or the 'cheek fat removal' surgery. Which may also be combined with a neck liposuction, creating a slimmer look on your face.

– Surgery lasts about 50 minutes.
– Local anesthesia is used.
– Ambulatory process, no hospitalization required.

Cheek Surgery recovery

The aftercare of the cheek fat removal surgery includes drinking preferably cold drinks or eating ice-cream for the next couple of days. After the cheek surgery, the swelling goes down after two weeks but the final results may be appreciated after two months. The scar goes inside the mouth, making it non-visible.

With the Bichat, cheek fat removal surgery your face will look slimmer, some patients even combine it with a neck liposuction but it can certainly be combined with breast augmentation, Tummy Tuck or liposculpture. Remember that when thinking about having plastic surgery in Mexico, it is possible to obtain extra discounts when having two or more reconstructive and plastic surgery procedures in Cancun, Mexico.