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Breast Augmentation in MexicoBreast augmentation in Mexico has become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Mexico in recent years and is increasingly requested by younger women and woman looking for the Mommy Makeover package.

Breast implants in Mexico is a combination of a lovely holiday in Cancun and plastic surgery procedures! It's a medical vacation that can help you save up to 70% i all cosmetic surgery prices! The cost of breast implants in Mexico is more affordable than in the United States and this cosmetic surgery is indicated not only to increase the size, but also to raise fallen chest, eliminate differences in size between a breast and another and also used to restore the lost volume after breastfeeding. Breast augmentation is contraindicated in some cases, such as fibrocystic disease, infections or have had breast cancer. It is a very simple surgery that enhance your looks and boost your confidence!


After having the breast augmentation in Mexico surgery, a few weeks have elapsed, the aesthetic benefits are visible, and there will be improved not only breast size but also their appearance and feel. Undoubtedly, breast implants in Mexico is the most popular plastic surgery treatment. We only use American brands of implants, leaders in sales in the united States and with a lifetime warranty. You will take home the serial number of your breasts implants. If you want to improve your looks, having breast implants can help you achieve your goals.
Breast augmentation is a very common plastic surgery procedure here in Cancun, Mexico, also a simple one. The surgery lasts about 90 minutes and it is an ambulatory process. After a few hours after surgery, you are able to return home or your hotel to your recovery, and after the fifth day you can return to your normal activities. The complete inflammation will usually last for a couple of weeks. To increase your breast size has never been so easy, you can even combine it with a vacation in Cancun! Get a 'plastic surgery vacations' or a 'medical vacations' while you save up to 70% in all plastic surgery in Mexico treatments!

– The surgery lasts about 90 minutes.
– It is a very simple surgery and therefore, an ambulatory surgery procedure. You go to your home or to your hotel room to recover that very same day.
– The Anesthesia used is IV sedation with nerve blocks and local.

You will need to use a special bra for the next four weeks after breast augmentation surgery.
Your stitches will be removed seven to ten days after surgery.

You will note an immediate improvement, however some swelling may remain. Final results can be seen 8 weeks post-op. Breast implants before and after pictures show how dramatically can a woman's chest improve with a simple surgery. The breast implants scar is hidden in the circular border of the areola or under the infra mammary crease.

Types of Breast Implants in Mexico are Anatomical (teardrop, widely used in cases of removal of mammary gland.), Rounded, Silicone prosthesis, Softgel, Cohesive gel.

Before and after breast augmentation surgery photos, show that having a breast enlargement plastic surgery in Mexico, or even better in Cancun has never been easier! We have the best prices for Breast Augmentation in Mexico! Just fill the form and one of our representatives will call you and guide you on how you can save up to 70% in call plastic surgery treatments while you enjoy your medical vacations!